Sunday, July 17, 2016

Learning about phones


Kids are sleeping in an I am trying to entertain myself on the computer.  On this trip I have learned to do new to me things on my phone, banking [secure while motel wifi is not], type message by speaking like Helen does, check my data usages at att and maybe a few other things.  I still cannot get google to give driving directions. 

I tried to hook my phone to my Win 10 computer and transfer pics like I do with the Win 7 laptop.  No go.  I could bring  up the photos but then it just clicks off photos, so I searched how to on google. I installed google 's photo app and uploaded the above photo to my google photos.  So here we are.

In Steamboat Springs waiting for the kids to wake up and go on to Rocky  Mountain National Park for camping.  We have two days planed, but I think we may forgo the second day and start on home tomorrow.  It will take two days to get home from here.  We are almost 1000 miles from home.  We are all a bit tired of this vacation thing.

It has been fun tho.  We all enjoyed the dinosaur park yesterday.  It was fun to see real dinosaur bones.

i don't think we will have cell service in the park, so by  afternoon we will be incognito again. 

We are going to be glad to get home.


Sister--Three said...

Helen is missing you!

Winnie Sneed said...

I think if you go in settings and turn on my might get the map to work....Cindy uses hers all the safe sweet one....I have enjoyed your trip so much!