Sunday, July 03, 2016


To SDC with cousins.  Dog is not going.   Six Powell grandkids are going to Silver Dollar City today with Erin and Greg.  I hope they have a great time.  Maybe someone will take a picture of the six together.

My knee gets a little better each day.  Helen gave me a couple of pull on stretch wraps for my knee.  I am trying one today.  I think they may be better for travel because they are lighter and cooler than the two I have.  

We are about ready for the trip.  Today, I am going to put the sleeping bags together and put them on the bed in the truck.  Also, pack all our bags.  We still have not tried to set up our new tent.  It is supposed to rain today, so we may just wait and set it up for the first time at Yellowstone.

It is overcast and cloudy now, but is supposed to rain most of the day. At least it will not be hot on them.

Tomorrow we are having a burger cookout here and probably fireworks at the neighbor's.  Then off on our adventure.  We are all excited.

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