Thursday, July 07, 2016

Badlands, so bad

They turned over yesterday.

This is the opposite of Betty's usual picture  problem.  This pic was upside down on my phone..  Sometimes I do that.  Google auto turned it right side up.

Yesterday was a tiring day of driving.  We got to Badlands around 4.. I remember the Badlands from my trip with Myron and Bobby Rhode in the 70s as being spectacular.  Yesterday they did not amaze.  I think seeing Zion is the difference.  Badlands are smaller an less colorful.

Today it is Mount Rushmore, only a little over an hour from here at Wall.  Then our motel for tonight is just a half hour away in Custer.  I am banking on an easy day today.

I do have more pics on my camera, but posting pics from the phone is easier than transferring pics to my little computer.  I like the tablet better than the big laptop now that I have used it for a year.  It is smaller, lighter and easier to tote. 
It is 6:30 here  No one else is awake yet.

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Sister--Three said...

I keep thinking about going that way in a covered wagon. Day after day on a dusty trail. Some dying on the way and being buried beside the road. Piled rocks on the graves or the wolves would dig up the corpse.