Tuesday, March 01, 2016

New things

Structures, tires, shocks and pretty soon, new baby goats.

Well,this is none of those things.  It is a coyote I saw in Dan's pasture Sunday morning on my walk. 

This is the carport we got last Wednesday.  I really like it.

This is the goat barn with 9 sheets of tin on the roof.  It was cold and rainy today, so George did not get any more done. With a couple of sunny days, he should be able to the the roof finished and start on the sides.

Today, he got new tires for my truck.  He has bought new shocks, but does not have them on yet.

This is the goats running to me thinking I am going to feed them, when all I was doing was trying to get a vantage point for the goat barn roof.

These are the three nannies that will kid in the next few weeks.

Little Red is within a few days of kidding.

Boots will be another couple of weeks.

And Patches about the same.

I am anxious to have new babies.

The oven on my cook stove is not working.  Gilbert says it is the igniter and he is going to order a part and fix it.  I was going to try to buy a new stove, but that is a big shore.  He also brought Helen a new to her cook stove and refrigerator.  He had to take the fan off her old fridge and put it on the replacement, but now it works fine.  She is trying to bake bread in the new oven now to test it out.  They both look much better than what she had.  

She has been sick, but she went to the dr today and got drugs.  Hopefully she will be better soon. Everyone who went to Church with me Sunday has been sick all week.  There must be a moral there somewhere.

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Sister--Three said...

I am finally feeling better but not well by a long shot.