Saturday, January 16, 2016


Me  and the kids are going to Betty's to get M's birthday present that Ansrid made for us.

Because, today, I tried to take Hannah to Mediquick in Harrison because her ear is stopped up and she cannot hear.  I know that is very uncomfortable.  Usually, we can get it to open, but it has been a week now.  But, we had trouble.  I did not know Me diquick had moved downstairs, so I thought it was closed.  Anyway, our plan now is to go to Dr about 10 tomorrow, and then on down to Bett's.  If we need a script, we can pick it up on the way back.  We should get to sister's around 1 or 2.

We did sort of get Lane a computer for his school.  I say sort of because it is coming in the mail. But my part is done cause son has to send it on to Japan.

I have logged 54 miles this year.  I still have not decided where I am going.  I may walk from sea to sea.  Wonder how many miles that is.


Sister--Three said...

Be glad to see you!!

Sister--Three said...

Larry said to tell Hannah he could fix her right up...he has a cordless drill!!