Sunday, January 10, 2016


It was down in the teens last night, coldest day of the new year.  The goats have never taken to this little shed George got from Frank.  I like it because Floyd Powell originally built it.  A couple of days ago they decided it was a nice place to sleep in bad weather.  It has been here about a year.  They are finicky renters.

I did not walk early this am and did not go to Church.  Instead, at the time for Church, I walked 4 miles to the red barn.  Thirty six miles this year.  It has warmed up to almost 30 according to our window thermometer.

I.cooked my Christmas ham yesterday and today I used the bone to cook blackeyed peas.  I made cornbread in the iron skillet to go with them and it was really good.  Of course, no one but me wants blackeyed peas.  They are all on their own. 

Hope tomorrow is warmer.

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Sister--Three said...

I walked at 2 this afternoon and it was sunny and cold but very nice for a stroll!