Sunday, August 30, 2015

No one to ask, no one to telll

Betty and I have been chasing dead people down Roesmary Lane right in front of the London Tower.  She has had her DNA tested at Ancestry and it tells us we are cousins to Duke and Elizabeth Powell Whalebone descendants.  Our line goes to Charles Powell and Elizabeth who married Duke and had children by him after the death of our Charles.  If Patsy were alive, she would be thrilled beyond words to know she is actually blood related to descents of The Old Duke.  But, my live sister up the lane thinks he is Duke Fishbone.

Betty bought a DNA kit for Buster.  I have it here but he does not answer his phone.  Helen has contacted Sandra on facebook to set up a time to take the test to him.

It is gratifying to me that Betty's DNA has proven out our paper trail on all our family lines.  We connect to lines from Anthony Gholson other than Sarah Gholson proving our Powell line back to Charles Sr.  We have connected to cousins through David Powell, through Charles son of Henry, and more recent Powells as descendants of Worthy and Myrtle.  Of course, we already knew these for sure, but when Ancestry said she was a cousin to a descendant of Myrtle that only had 3 people in the tree, you know they are looking at the DNA and not the published pedigree, to make the connection.

Still, the most interesting to us  is The Duke.

Now, in October, a Maples relative is coming from California, and we are going up on Bobo looking for James G. Maples land.  At our little library I found a recently published book of section maps with the first landowners drawn in.  J. G. Maples and his brother AB lived on what is today Country Road 970, Alpena, AR.  You can google it and take a peek.

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Sister--Three said...

I am thinking of starting another blog to share genealogy stories we have written and just
General stuff. By title others could find the information. Ancestry is a great place for records
But they have a monopoly on genealogy now and have actually destroyed a lot of good
Sites. I think one of the reasons for their last face lift was to keep people from saving
Records and pictures that are at the site.