Saturday, August 22, 2015

Danger, make a U turn, NOW, You cannot get there from here, Helen

This is the road of Helen's trip story.  She was really trippin.

‘Pig Trail’ closed again by landslide web1_AHTD-State-Highway-23-Detour-Map.jpg

A detour map illustrates available routes on state highways motorists may take to get around the closed section of Arkansas Highway 23. This section will remain closed until repairs can be made, which may take several weeks, according to the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department. (Photo courtesy AHTD) image Times Record Staff A portion of Arkansas 23 in Franklin County was closed Tuesday after a landslide made the lanes impassable, according to a news release from the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department. A slope supporting the roadbed on the east side of the highway, located north of Interstate 40, continues to slide and has caused large cracks to form in the travel lanes, rendering both lanes impassable, according to the release. That section of Arkansas 23 will remain closed until repairs can be made, which may take several weeks. A more definitive time frame will be announced once the highway department’s engineers have had an opportunity to further evaluate the slide, the release states. The slide location is the same that closed this section of the highway in May. It was just Friday that the Highway Department announced that a single lane on the scenic road known as the “Pig Trail” was reopened. The affected area is about 19 miles north of Interstate 40 and 5½ miles north of Cass. While only 700 linear feet of roadway is impacted, the closure includes 3.2 miles of Arkansas 23 between the south end of the Mulberry Mountain Lodge and the north end of Fly Gap Road, according to the release. A detour route has been established and electronic message boards have been placed to warn motorists of the closure at various points along the highway and on Arkansas 215, which intersects Arkansas 23 at Cass, the release states. - See more at:

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