Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annie's got a gun.  Gilbert took Sister's gun home last Saturday to put a scope on it, so she could kill big game like armadillos and possums.  He brought it back tonight, but she is not home yet.  She went to Dr at Fayetteville to see about getting her port removed.  I just texted her and she says everything is find and she is on her way home.

I have insurrections from brother on how to  the scope.  The little round thing on top screws off to insert a battery.  He brought extra batteries. The numbers on the side dial are for the brightness of the light. He said during daylight hours, you would need at least a 4, if not more.  At night 1 might do it.  Zero is for off, as in no light to save the battery.

Now the only other thing you need to know is do not coming sneaking around Annie's at night cause she has a gun with a scope.

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Sister--Three said...

Armie Diller is in big trouble!!!