Thursday, June 04, 2015

Goats and more

Little Grey has 2 nice looking billy goats born June 3, and Patsy has 1 of each born last night.  I don’t have pictures of the babies yet.  We now have both the little grey goats penned up and I think we may sell them and their kids.  We have way too many goats already.  I think I want to sell most of the ones the littler nannies.  When they have babies is a good time to sell them, for us anyway, because they are easier to catch and load.  I can carry the babies and mamas will follow.
Sister Patsy would be glad the goats now spend a good part of each day eating brush on the rock quarry.
Robert is in scouts again.  He really enjoys going.
Em gets to enjoy one of the major benefits of employment today, a day off from her job. 
I am taking a vacation day tomorrow, but we are not going camping.  We are going fence building around the garden.  George has the corner posts and the gate posts up, and the metal posts down one side.  When we get it completed, it will be a good goat pen in the off season.  It will have to be goat proof to keep them out, so it will also keep t hem in.  He said he might build me a shed in one corner, but if he does not, we have the little chicken to goat house he made for Clayton years ago.  He can pull it to another location.  He pulled it to our house from Clayton’s a few years ago.
I walked 6 miles yesterday, making 14 this week.

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Sister--Three said...

I walked two today early!