Friday, June 05, 2015

Goat Poor

Little Grey and her two boys.

They are good sized billies.

One girl and one boy, girl on the left, from Patsy.  I need a boy / girl name for them so I can remember their names.  I have no trouble remembering Dezi and Lucy.  I thought of sonny and cher, but cher does not sound like a goat name.

Our first little Mirical nanny doing great.

Everyone else is still asleep.  Going walking now.  Walked 4 miles yesterday.


Sister--Three said...

I am going to try to walk. They fixed the interstate between here and Bona Dea exit finally. You will think this is an out and out lie but it is not....from 2012 until now they have worked on this 3 miles. the fix and then tear it up and fix it again. All the same company. Hopefully it will be fixed for a while now. When they are working on the interstate it is pretty dangerous just to drive on it.

I like Yadi and Maudie for the babies. The Cardinal catcher is yadier Molina and he is really a good catcher. He also seems to be a really nice person...Maudie rhymes with Yadie is why I said that.

Sister--Three said...
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Sister--Three said...

Posted my comment twice so I deleted om!

Erin said...

Dan and Ann -- watched the red fern grows last night