Saturday, April 04, 2015

Gardening at last

Sorta.  George tilled the garden this week, but it has rained twice since then so it is too wet to do anything with. Maybe next week.  This year he only tilled about 24 feet of the garden.  We are going to  have to fence it because of the goats, so this will be more manageable than the bigger space.  We should have enough posts but I may  have to buy fencing. 


Sister--Three said...

Ahead of us...we have not gotten ours tilled. Too wet. Hopefully soon. Larry wants to spray roundup on it and wait and then till. He thinks then I will not have as many weeds.

The 4th Sister said...

Fleta there is 1 panel in the field below my is bent...also if we put up a fence there in the yard there are 2 panels would not need to be much of a fence to turn the horse...all of tar nation would not turn the goats...have they been sleeping on Claytons porch