Sunday, March 29, 2015

Miles to go...

about 900.  I have walked 299 miles in my journey to Fredericksburg.  That puts me in St. Louis, and this is what I saw yesterday.

This is an old homeplace on the road between my house and Farewell.  I just don't know who's old homeplace.  In the 80's it belonged to Teddy McGivens.  I would like to know who lived here when we were kids in the 60's, but there is no one to ask.

The house has been knocked down, but the old barn, a garage, another outbuilding, and the cellar are still standing.  It is the next place down from the Clay Tharp place.  I was wondering if Clayton Ayers did not live there at one time as Teddy McGivens bought the Ayers place between here and town.  Maybe this was an unattached part of Ayers land, maybe where Ayers lived before they moved up on Douglas Road.  Or, maybe this belonged to one of the Eply's.  I just do not remember.

It was a nice walk, overcast, about 40 to 45 degrees.  As always, I could see the Rock Quarry from just back down the road from here.

Red Barn in the center.

And, the Snyder place.

And the back of the Teter place.

I am calling this 8 miles round trip, although Google says it was just over 3.8 miles down to the corner where I turned around.  It took 3 hours to walk this.

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Sister--Three said...

The Synder place is where Brother walked and got a job when he quit school. He slept in the barn and milked cows for them.