Friday, February 06, 2015

Finally Friday

and it has been a hard week, really cold.  Plus, my boss did not go away this week as he planned.  I have actually had to work several hours this week.  I have walked each  night except for Tuesday when I made spaghetti and bread for the kids.  I now  have 19 miles for February.  I will need 25 a week to get to 100 this month.  The weather next week is supposed to be better, at least 40 or above each day and no nights in the teens.

Wednesday was our coldest night, down to 13 according to my truck.  Yesterday, I checked the house next door and it was fine.  It was 34 outside, but 54 inside the living room.  Nice and warm in the water rooms.

We had a dusting of snow yesterday morning.  Kids got a snow day.  They got to wear the snow boots for the first time.  I got them in October and I don't think they have worn them at all.

Helen's dog is sticking around.  George feeds him on her porch sometimes.  Yesterday when I walked, I counted 7 BIG dogs in the hollow in front of the Stone house.  I don't think they are missing the 8th dog.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be close to 70 degrees.  We are taking our kids, Emmy and Sam down on Hwy 16 for some hikes and a picnic.  I am planing on making a day of it, going to Natural Bridge, Kings River falls and maybe the Glory Hole.  We will back pack a picnic to one of the falls, probably Kings River falls.  The kids are excited about going.  Hannah is excited that the big girls are going along.

The black dog follows me where ever I go on my walks, but the Huskey often wonders off and returns home before I do.  Wednesday, he went all the way to Peden's and back.

George feeds him here, sometimes.

A little snow, over past the Stone house.


Turkeys in Randy's field over across from the Hampton barn.

A hill.

The Stone pond.

Stones by the Stone house.


Favorite Daughter said...

To the 2nd picture...'Good Boy, Bo.'

Sister--Three said...

Erin commented to me that--we had no school for no reason. I guess she likes for the kids to go as she has to figure out what to do when there is no school. Greta goes to the pre-school where Clayton goes so when there is no school she does not go either. You may have had more snow than Harrison. Did not look like they had much.

Over at that Stone place, sounds like a dog pack to me.

I sure hope we have a pretty weekend.

I have to pay 1200 in taxes. Hope you get some back.