Monday, February 02, 2015

February weather

but at least nothing is falling on our heads.  It was 19 here this am, but when I got up on the Douglas flats the truck said it as 17.  Tonight coming home it was 29.  Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer, but tonight colder.  I checked the neighbors house and all is well, both room with pipes were warm.  I turned on all the faucets just to be sure, and all was fine.  The thermometer in the living room said 44, but it was around 70 in the bathroom and over 60 in the kitchen.  It is supposed to get cold at night all week, so I am just leaving everything as is for now, but there is no need to leave the water running at night unless it gets down around 10 or so.

Last night as I walked, Helen's dog went with me.  Out just beyond Dan's the Jeep from the Stone place came along and he followed them home.  I did not see him again last night so not sure if he came back or not, but tonight he was at my house.  Tonight, I walked 4 miles and he went along to Dan's and turned back.  When I came by Helen's, he followed me home again.  I think  he likes us better than the Stone people.

I am going to have a good week.  My big boss is not there this week.  It was an unexpected surprise to find I was on my own all week.


Sister--Three said...

The big boss knew everything was in good hands.

The 4th Sister said...

so glad everything is good at the neighbors...this is important to me. Helen