Sunday, February 01, 2015

Day tripping, hwy 16

Yesterday, just George and I drove down to Ponca, then took Hwy 16 through Deer and on to where it intersects hwy 23 up to Huntsville and home.  It was a grey, cold day, but he enjoys driving,  There was really not much to see.

We say the elk near Boxley, but did not get any good pics, and I have seen them before...

Lots of twists and turns.

Grey mountains and valleys...

Lots of old  fallingdown building that make interesting pics, but the driver never slows down.

The only reason we were stopped at the above, is I said what did that sign say, "White River?"

And here is White River, not sure what town we were in, but somewhere on Hwy  16 in south east Madison Co.

It looks a lot like Dry Creek here.  Wondering, I google for a map and  finally found this...

Enlarge and you can see the start of White River, Kings River, War Eagle Creek, Little Mulberry Creek, right here in the lower right corner of Madison County.  I did not know any of that.  On a better weather day, I am going back and explore, but not today.  Today, we go to Springfield to the airport and kick Helen's but out.

Now, on this sightseeing trip, 5 minutes from home near JR Snow's we did see this posing in a tree about 10 feet from my window seat.


Sister--Three said...

The best is always near home.

Hope Helen has a great trip.

Favorite Daughter said...

Made it fine...having a great time..THANKS FOR EVERYTHING..HELEN