Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Wednesday, April 3, Betty

Bake Fish a cake for tomorrow.

Patsy's post about what she reads on the net each day, got me to thinking about some of the blogs she links to in her sidebar.  I used to read several of her linked 2's each day, but many have either quit blogging, or only rarely post.  And, as she said, one has died, but I think Pat still has her link up.  Anyway, since I can read blogs from work, there are several that I read most days.  Fields is always interesting, and I like to look at the Russian's pictures, India and Vietnam not so much.  I usually check Donna's blog at least two or three times a week, and I read the Chicken In The Road from my links regularly.  I used to check Velvet's and Betty from Harrison several times a week, but lately had not ventured their way.

So, today, I started down Pat's links from the top down to see what I had been missing.  The one from Africa and the one from DC were both interesting.  Hawaii not so much.  That is as far down as I got, except I did venture over to Velvet's and found several interesting posts.

Then, I went to visit Betty of Harrison.  She has been blogging in spurts for the last year or so.  I think Harrison Betty's motto is, speak profoundly or hold your piece.  Today she had written about her dissatisfaction with her Methodist Church in her hometown.  Well, Betty, if you are up to a 2 hour drive on Sunday morning, I have a Church for you.  Our preacher from where I work is now pastor at Clarksville.  I am not a fan of the Methodist Church, but I am a big fan of David Hanshaw.  We, as in everyone at work, all 1200 of us, called him our preacher.  He was always there from beginning to end, from birth, to marry, to bury.  For over a decade he was our unpaid preacher who came in every Thursday and walked the entire factory floor, up one  line and down another, with a friendly word, pat on the back and a helping hand where ever it was needed.  After a time, the company made the Chaplin a paid position with a small salary, but I really think pastor donated the money back to the Church.  Several years back, the Church transferred our preacher to Clarksville, and oh how we mourned our loss.  Since then we have had a succession of paid company men.  Each one has showed  up at the office every Thursday.  Thursday is payday, and the day the company serves lunch in the conference room to a selected few, including the company man if he shows up.  Sometimes even a free meal cannot get them to show there sorry faces.  But, not one since David has walked the line with us.  And, not one since David has in any way been OUR preacher.  So, Sunday, Betty, get up early and drive down to Clarksville.  You will be welcomed with smiles and open arms. If you venture that way a second time, David will know your face and your name.

Since I have said all that, I might as well break another rule and say that I do not have a very high opinion of preaching as a profession.  Some are good people, and many are just moochers looking for an easy $.  Maybe they should think of going in to carpentry, as Jesus did.


Sister--Three said...

I read Donna, Harrison Betty, Violet, and Margie about once a week. We have known them a long time. Violet is now retired. Margie lost her husband and has moved to an apartment. Donna's daughter has had cancer and her husband is now retired too. Betty is a good writer and love to read what she has to say. I usually agree with her totally.

I was thinking since our blogs have started...we have lived through
and all other kinds of ups and downs. What a trip it has been andbut we have rode the waves together.

The 4th Sister said...

often the ones Pat has tagged on her side bar are "OUT THERE" esp the KC prision guy....