Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Tuesday, April Second, rainy and cool

It has rained most of the day and been very cool.  They say Saturday should be sunny and 70 degrees.  I am ready.

When Patsy got us all blogging years ago, how many years was it anyway, personal blogs were the big new thing.  Then facebook took over and blogging went out of style.  Now, for the kids, facebook is falling by the wayside also.  I do not have a facebook page, but George does.  He keeps up with the people he went to high school with and usually checks it every day.  For all I can see, it seems to me that most people post a few personal pictures on facebook each week and write one or two sentences once in a while.

I still prefer the blog format, with more pictures and paragraphs to keep up with family.  Besides, I can read blogs at work during the day, while facebook is blocked.  I mostly use my blog as a personal diary that is open to the public.  Meaning, don't post anything you would not want to see in the newspaper and include things you think you want to remember.  Like, when the kids visit, when animals are born, when you plant, what you plant, when you set eggs under the little brown hen, when it snows, when it rains, and when the sun shines.

  I just can't tell you how many times I have wondered when something or other happened in our life and  used the search box on the blog to find the answer.  As yesterday, when I wanted a photo of Donna.  I knew I had taken one not long ago and posted it here.  A search brought the picture right up.

So, one and all are welcomed here to peek into my life through these words and pictures however boring they prove to be.   Thanks Patsy, for setting one stubborn sister on the blogging path.

All the babies, with Hot Rod almost hide.

Patsy, with ears flying again.  The better to eves drop on us all.

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