Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday, March 13

Patsy says I was wrong about the new pope.  I say I was right, he looks much like the one that quit last month.  I think, in world of things that matter in the world, this did  not much matter to the world.

Little Black Jack is looking pretty.  Big white nanny should be having some cousins for him to play with before many more weeks.  

George's billy brought $70.  Patsy said if we decide we need to thin our herd, we can take them to the sale.  I thought we might have to take them to a vet and get vaccines or tests before we could sell them, but she says no.  Everything is taken care of at the sale barn.  That is probably where Black Jack will end up some day.

Today was still really cool.  It is supposed to be warmer tomorrow and in the 70's Friday, then cooler again Saturday. 

If we get nice weather the next weekend, after this one,  we may try to go float the Buffalo.  We have wanted to do that for several years, but we always wait till it is latter in the Spring and the water gets too low to float the first part of the river.  The first part is the fun part for us old folks just looking for and easy day.

Did I say I am ready for Spring?


Sister--Three said...

Black Jack sure looks sweet. I like this stocky look!

Erin said...

The water was high and rough this last weekend. I don't think it's safe.