Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Quotable Quotes

We tried to go camping Friday, but God said no.  We did drive down to Buffalo Point but it was flooded out, so we did a turnaround don't drown.  Aunt Helen to the rescue.  She took the kids to her house and they had a great time with a bonfire and movies.  Saturday, when Robert returned home, he says, "Bad news is I was gone.  Good news is I am back."  I agree.

Saturday night, they did sleep in the camper and had a big time all by themselves right next to the old folks.  The camper has a queen sized bed, a couch that makes a full sized bed, and a table area that converts to a bed so they had lots of beds to choose from.

Saturday evening, in the pouring rain, we went to Western Sizzler in Harrison, the kids favorite place to eat.  The old folks had steaks, but the kids had everything on the food bars.  Robert had an entire plate of deserts again.

Then, Sunday, Robert cooked hamburgers and brownies for dinner, with a little help.  He was not thrilled with the cooking, but he thought the eating was really good.

It was nice yesterday, no rain, but cool.  I think we are getting more rain later today.  The roads are a mess. George worked on ours yesterday, but it will wash again as soon as we get more rain.  I hope it does not snow tomorrow like it did in 2014.

Today is sister's birthday.

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Sister--Three said...

I thought of this day and how frightened dad was, but he worked it all out.
First there was sadness but then came great joy. We can not understand
God's plan.

Now, tomorrow is another big day. Patsy 79!