Tuesday, May 09, 2017


Helen better do what I say, or I will show Robert this photo.  He will never visit her again.

She was better yesterday.  Don't know about today.  She was gone when I came by a while ago.

Our RV is all tested out and everything works, air, heat, fridge, cook stove, hot water.  I love it.  We are loaning it to Jr's special friend for a week or so because her daughter is coming from North Dakota to visit her from Mother's day.  JR had that nice place to park it. George took it down today.  We may escape in it next weekend.  We will see.

Greg is home again, but he goes to work locally tomorrow.  It is a company out of Blue Eye that is working on the Bass Pro project up where brother Gilbert works.  He may be home all summer.  He likes the big money he makes on the away jobs, but he really ends up with more when he works around here.  We will see how long he stays this time.

The sun has been shinning, but I think rain moves in tomorrow. I think the weekend is supposed to be nice.

For dinner tonight we are having deviled eggs, free eggs from brother, and tuna salad sandwiches.  Everyone here loves deviled eggs.

Garden is just sitting there.  Been too cool and rainy.  Maybe it will take off now, or maybe not.  Yesterday I noticed the plowed areas where I had nothing planted were still bare.  That means not even weeds will grow.  Not a good sign. 

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Sister--Three said...

I am really glad everything works!