Friday, March 24, 2017


The theme for VBS this year is Sailing on Life's Sea.  I wanted to try to make the crafts fit the theme, at least somewhat.  See, I am the Craft Lady at VBS.

Things are coming together.  I have found nice Jersees T-Shirts at $ Tree, so the kids are doing painted T-shirts.  These are not the shirts, just ones I had that I did not mind testing the design on.

The problem is getting the design from my mind to the T-Shirt.  On line someone said a Laser printer would make an iron on transfer.  I  tired it and it worked. At least on the light colored shirts.  I will have to go over the design with a white iron on transfer pen for the dark shirts.  I have maybe 15 or so dark blue and purple shirts.

The designs are the word Jesus in the shape of a fish, and an anchor with the words Jesus is my Anchor.

This is for the little kids, 12 or so and under.

This is the anchor design. The words are backwards for transfer.

Then, we are making ID cards.

Again with the anchor design.  They will write their own name with a marker and I will laminate the.  We are going to hole punch them and pin them on with a safety pen.

But, we need filler crafts for the ones that finish early.  I have a  simple sea shell necklace for them to make, and several ideas for paperclip book marks that I found online.  Use a colored paper clip with ribbon, buttons, and or stickers to make a simple cute book mark.

I was dreading VBS this year, but with my ideas, I am  now excited.  The book marks just top the whole thing off. And it makes a good time filler because they can make several, or the older kids and make more elaborate designs.

I just have a few more things to buy, and I will be set.


Sister--Helen said...

So I could not let sis terrible get ahead of me...the preacher''s wife and I am in charge of food...I have been looking all morning for ocean themed foods....I have quiet a list...I will not be outdone but her she'll necklaces saying ...without Him, I am an empty pretty great and she just made it up....but she also re wrote the 10 commandments so what do I expect....

Sister--Helen said...

I could not let sister get ahead of me. Since the preacher's wife and I are in charge of food I have been searching the net all morning for ocean themed Foods I have several ideas. Although sisters shell necklace that says without him I am an empty shell was pretty good. And she thought of this all on her own. But I would expect no less from her since she has no Rewritten the Ten Commandments. I am not joking.

Sister--Helen said...

That should say she has now Rewritten the Ten Commandments

Sister--Helen said...

In case I forget sister Ruth will have scraps of yarn for those bookmarks

Sister--Three said...

Busy Sisters!