Monday, March 20, 2017

Gone Goat

We sold Chocolate Milk to Linda T.

The kids stayed with Aunt Helen instead of going with us.

We now have 19 total, including the new baby.  Next Saturday, we are selling 4 little males and one grown nanny, taking us down to 14.  But, we have two that will kid in the next month.  We should probably get rid of a few more. 

It is definitely Spring here.  Going to be in upper 80's today.

Kids are on break all week  and  I have taken a couple of days off.  Today we are going to Bentonville to a couple of Museums.  I was pleased that when I told the kids we were going to a Native American Museum, they were genuinely excited about the trip.

Tonight, a friend from Church/school is going to spend the night with Hannah. She is excited about that.

Friday night George and Hannah went to a Rohde wedding at Eureka.  One of Sharon's granddaughters got  married at Thorncrown Chapple.  Hannah thought it was wonderful.  I stayed home and shoveled out Hannah's room.  It looks much better now.

Only three days work this week, and wonderful spring weather. 

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