Sunday, November 20, 2016

Finally Fall

Saturday afternoon we drove down to see the elk.

We saw one herd of a hundred or so.

The rut is over, but there were still some big bulls out.

And we saw a couple of deer.

At the turn off to Hawks Bill Craig there was many parked along side the road in both directions.  I thought it might have been and event, George thought it was hunters.

On the way through Harrison, we took the kids to eat at Western Sizzler.  They both thought this was a great eating place. Robert had 2 plates of deserts.


And this morning's frost.  The theometer says 26 degrees.  Yes, I am sure it is a theo meter.

Goats are protected.  I am thinking it will be Dec 1 before we have new babies.

Today we met a milestone.  In searching for shoes to wear, I tried Robert's.  They fit.


Sister--Three said...

Your feet are not shrinking, Robert's are growing.

It was 30 here this morning, but very nice how.

Donna Wood said...

I love reading about this because we have been there and seen some of the elk. Oh, and Harrison!!!! One of my favorite places! I do love your state.