Saturday, November 26, 2016

Blessing, Pilgrim, Turkey, and Gravy

Red had a brown nannie with some white and a white billy with a dark face. The billy is not doing real well, but I did finally see him eat.  She claims both of them so with them penned up, he may be alright.  The nannie is Blessing and the billy is Turkey, because he is.

He was born around 7 am and still is not dry and clean.  

Miracle had a brown billy named Pilgrim. 

And then, 

Blackie had a billy named Gravy.  He is brown almost exactly like the brown nanny she had last time.  He is big and looks really strong.  Probably because she just  had one.

I have pictures taken first thing this morning, but they are  on George's phone and the computer will not find them.  Tomorrow they will be on the google photo backup. Then I will tell the whole story.

It is good to have a place to lock them up. 

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