Monday, September 05, 2016


Yesterday we sprayed the goats. big white has been acting Odd. I decided The bugs Were tormenting her. So far This morning She seems 2 BehaveMore like her old self.

Here They are eating 4 Simmons off the ground.From the kitchen window I saw them running across the yard. I could not imagine What had them so excited. It was Fruit on the ground.

I am writing this With my home phone By speaking into the phone. It is putting Capital letters In weird places. And it does not know persimmons.

Today is working man's day so I am not working.  But Hannah and I got lots dine in her room saturday.  We threw away 4 big bags of trash and old clothes.

I like posting with my phones because it is so easy to post pics.

Sister will be home in 6 day. I know she is anxious to see the goats.  They really missed her.

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Favorite Daughter said...

Oh yes I miss those goats just like JR does