Friday, June 03, 2016


Starts Sunday, kickoff is tonight.  Guess who is the Craft Lady for VBS.  The problem with attending such a small church, is the greater guilt for not doing your part.  Helen helps with food each night.  Last year I was the Craft Lady's Helper.  This year they were short two teacher.  In order to not be a teacher, I volunteered to be Craft Lady so last years Craft Leader can be a teacher.

We are making cross necklaces.

Instructions for the little plastic necklace are here
She says the ones that are too small for even this can string plastic beads on pipe cleaners and then just wrap them around their wrist for a bracelet. Our youngest are three, so this should work for them.

The top ones are plastic for preschoolers and maybe first grade.  On extreme left is wooden, then metal and black, hopefully for the boys.  Third is a blue one Hannah made in less than 30 minutes, forth is amber.  If the boys do not want to wear a cross they can make one to give to someone.

Today Hannah and I are going to Dicks Five and Dime in Branson to find black and metal beads for boys.  And we need more hearts for the little plastic ones.

I also have sun catchers for the little ones to paint and may get some more today.  If we have time left, which we probably will we are making rolled paper picture frames with pictures we have collected from calendars and other places.  My helper, who is Patsy's age, has been working with these.  I think I will need to make one or two before Sunday, just to see how it will go.

Instructions here

Which me luck, or as they say at Church, pray for me and all the children.

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Good luck to the crafty lady.