Sunday, June 05, 2016

Politicians, always causing trouble

Last night Trump and Hillary did not come to the barn with their mother.  We search for over an hour over both pastures but could find no sign of them.  There mother was not interested and seemed not to know she was supposed to have two politicians with her. We left all the goats out of the pen last night, but even this morning she was not missing her babies. Finally, around noon, she started calling for them and went right to them.  They were in the tall grass just 20 feet or so in the pasture across the road from the house, still in the same spot she left them.  I guess they were sleeping off a hard day in the media.

Tonight, they are all in the pen where they belone.

Tonight was the first night of VBS.  We survived!


Donna Wood said...

Trump and Hillary, sleeping together. What a picture that makes in my mind!

Sister--Three said...

Donna is a hoot. Where is the media when you need them.

Winnie Sneed said...

Our gal has finally done it...I'm going to break out my Hillary shirt tomorrow 😊