Sunday, May 01, 2016

Last Week, This Week

Last Sunday, 4/24, Bertha, the one laying down here, tried to have her baby but ran into trouble.  We took her to the vet.  Baby did not make it, but Bertha is doing fine now.  The baby was just too big for her.  The bad news is we will have to sell her now because she would have the same problem next time with our big billy.

In front here is our two nannies out of Patsy with their 5 kids.  We are selling the brown nanny in front later this month.  She is our smallest nanny next to Bertha.  I am afraid she will have trouble with big kids latter on.  This year she had 3 kids, which makes for smaller kids.  The black nanny behind the little white billy is also out of Patsy, but she is quite a bit bigger than Patches.  We are keeping her.  Of the 5 kids in front here, we are only keeping the little brown nanny right in front of the white standing billy.  She is out of the black nanny.  The other 4 are going to market.  That is Red and her 2 nannies in the back, and we are keeping both of them.

The little brown billy in the first picture is going to be our backup billy, just in case for next year.  The big billy has injured his right back leg and I am afraid he may not be a good billy this year.  And, the injury could get worse.  George dubbed the brown billy Chocolate Milk.

We plan on selling the 2 nannies and the 4 babies about the end of May or first of June.  That will leave us with 5 grown nannies, 4 new nanny kids, plus whatever the 2 yearling nannies have later this month or maybe even in June. I am not sure when they will kid.

We love our new goat barn.  We have started cleaning out the old shop here by the house. The goats have made a mess of it.  We have fixed it so we can lock them out.  It made me angry last week when it rained and they would not leave the old shop for their new, nice, clean barn we made for them.

I will be sad to see Bertha go, but I do not want to see her in misery again like she was last week. Big White will be the only nanny left from the original herd when Bertha goes.

And that how it is at the Rocking A Goat Ranch, Sunday, May 1, 2016.

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