Sunday, April 24, 2016

Last week, today...

Early morning walk.

Bertha is trying to have babies this am.  I have her locked in the pen by herself.

We went to the cemetery.  George cut the limb off the fence and moved it our out while I cut weeds and tall grass.  I did not bother about trying to cut it all.  It looks the best it ever has in the spring.  My push weed eater really works well on this rough ground.

Then, George started cutting down this dead tree in the middle of the cemetery while I hid behind this big tree.

Wait for it.




Down and done.

Some time in the last month, Terry the neighbor that owns this land cut down the dead tree here at the gate.  He also cut up and old log in the middle and hauled it off.  I am glad to have this done.

Greg left yesterday for eastern AR, for a short job.  Maybe by the time it is over, they will have him a more permanent placement.  

Robert stayed with Aunt Helen last night.  I think they are up to something sneaky.

What I said to Sister Betty, is that no one could be certain that if we have a Pres Trump he would not push the red button and launch a nuke attach in a drunken 3 am rage.  It is my opinion, that voting for someones make you partly responsible for what happens during their reign.  I know the more popular opinion is that if you do not vote, you do not get to express your opinion.  I do not agree with that at all.  And, I know that no one is going to be elected President by one vote.  Still, everyone is responsible for their own actions.  If you vote for Trump, or Hillary, or Cruse or Andrew Jackson, you share in their legacy.  So, go ahead, take a chance.  It is only the whole world that will have to pay.

Off to walk and then Church. 

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Winnie Sneed said...

I really believe Hillary will make an excellent President and I continue to work hard....I have such a difficult time now with Republucans say he will be all right once he is President while just a few months ago they saw him for the racist bigot he is...the other Republucan candidates are just as much of a fool as Trump is😢