Friday, January 08, 2016

The Eagles have returned to Calen's Branch

I stayed home today so we could go get the tin for the goat house.  I walked 5 miles, to Peden's and back, leaving right after sunup when the kids got on the bus.

I saw this young eagle on the trees along Calen's Branch by where the spring runs off the Hill into the little pond just past the Stone house.  Yesterday while I was walking I saw 2 grown eagles in these trees and 4 young ones like this in another tree.  While I was watching for a space to get a good shot of this young one that was a couple hundred yards off the road, a grown eagle took flight just over my head along the road.  

AT the Y at the Randy Usery's red barn, there were about 20 turkeys in the road.

Then on up the hill was this eagle in a far off tree.

I took

several shots before a car came along and he took off.

This is the water tower at Heads School House, taken from the road just before Peden's chicken houses.

We got all the tin for our goat house. It is supposed to snow tomorrow night and Sunday so we may not get to work on it this weekend and next week end is homecoming.  George says he has all the boards on the building except for the cross piece 1 bys to tack the tin to on the roof.  These boards are called furlins but that is not the way it is spelled.  Betty, Erin how do you spell that.  Google and Word wants to spell it furlongs but I  know that is not right.  Oh, George knows. Perlins.  No f n f no where.

Emmy has been chosen home coming maid for the Freshmen class.  This is her dress.  Her birthday is the 19, so this will be her birthday present.  I was not going to post the pic of it, but I know no one from her school will look here


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Sister--Three said...

Emmie looks gorgeous!!
I don't remember any of that stuff from 1971.
We were married by baptist minister--herb
Tilley!! Yes, it was Friday then too!