Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Omron Model HJ-112 Pedometer

I got a new Garmin fitness watch from JR for Christmas and like it much more than I thought I would.  I wear it every day, but I do not always pay attention to the steps display.  I like it because it is a watch and will display my heart rate.  One device, with many functions, but the time and heart rate are what I use most.

I had a Omron Model HJ-112 Pedometer that I have now passed on to Betty.  I like it because I felt it gave an accurate count of my steps and it would store and display 7 days of data.  I found the user manual for it online here

in case instructions are needed.  I have it set to a 26" step.

Here is the most useful page in the user manual.

This is probably all you will need to know to use this. I always clipped it on my waistband in the  morning and just wore it all day.


Sister--Three said...

Thanks, it may need a battery as I can't get it to do a thing.
But this info will help. I still may buy a fit bit. We will see.
You sisters know I can't hardly spend money on me. I think it's a
sin I guess.

Sister--Helen said...

I have decided I am adopting JR

Sister--Three said...

Helen, Jr. is not up for adoption....I think gha is up for adoption.