Monday, January 25, 2016


I want 3 of the small tiger logo signs or whatever you call them.  I want the small size so they will not have to hunt for space to display them, either at school or home.  I do not want initials on them.  I want the word TIGERS instead.  And, if you want Green Forest, or Go Tigers, Yea Tigers, or something like that, but TIGERS alone would be fine.  They do not need to be exactly alike, but can be if you want to make them that way.

I want them by the middle of May to give to the teachers by the end of school.  I will come get them or have your Grandma bring them to me.  I will mail you a $30 check tomorrow.

You need a business card with your contact info and where/how someone can see samples of your work.  You need to design your own logo for the card.

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