Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Miles to go...

Is 120.  I have logged 1130 miles this year.  I figured I needed 1250 to get to Charles and Sarah's place in Fredericksburg, VA.  Actually, that is going by way of St. Louis, to Perryville, to South Boston, then Fredericksburg.  Google says it is only 1108 miles from home to Fredericksburg.  I think I can say I am there and just walking around visiting relatives with Charles.  Maybe, I can spend Christmas with The Duke and Elizabeth.  My original goal was 100 miles each month this year, and I will make that easily.

Today, is my last day off work.  George and I are taking  him to the eye doctor today.  Then back to work tomorrow.

And, I have to make cupcakes and maybe cheese cake to take to Church tomorrow evening for Hannah's birthday.  This weekend will be our party here at the house.  I have to go order her a cake for that.  She says my cakes are ugly.

The house that Daddy built, early Sunday morning.

Saturday, goats and deer in same pic.  The first time I have been able to get them in the same frame.

Thanksgiving morning coming down.

Saturday, while Greg took the kids to Branson, George and I drove down to the Buffalo.  We say the elk and one swan on the mill pond.  I guess the swan has lost its mate.  Greg took the kids somewhere to do something each day he was home this time.  It was nice to  have time to do things like get Lane's cookies finished.  But, it has rained every single day since Thanksgiving.  It has stopped now, but turned colder.

The Buffalo rolling.

Hannah and I got the Church Christmas cards completed.  Robert would not  help.  I told him I was going to mark his name off the cards.  He was not concerned.  His only interests is presents for himself.  I did ask if he knew what the photo on our cards was and he said, 'Our Church'.  

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Sister--Three said...

Larry got a good eye report yesterday. Hope George does today.
Larry b pressure was up but he hates the dr. so that probably
was the reason. I checked it at home later and it was ok. We
are not doing the cataract surgery until it becomes necessary.

I like the church in the wild wood.