Saturday, December 19, 2015

Kids with Charater



Looking for us.


This is Hannah's teacher.  Robert's very special teacher told me at his assessment last year that I should request her for Robert.  I did not do that and Robert got a different wonderful teacher.  When I ask Robert about school now, he says he loves school, it is awesome.  That is a real credit to the staff at our school.  But, back to Hannah's teacher.  Hannah came home yesterday after their Christmas party with two large bags of frozen loot.  They were supposed to exchange a $5 present.  What Hannah had in those two bags surely totaled around $20.  Hannah said her teacher gave each of the girls in her class the two bags each and gave the boys equal minion presents. There are about 22 children in her class.  Hannah was in her room playing with her Frozen stuff from the time she got home until Church time.  

Our boy.

Yes, lots of courage.

Robert's new old bedroom furniture.  This big dresser, two end tables like the one here, and an old chest that I need to repaint.  This is heavy all wood pieces.  I told him when he was grandma's age he could still be using this.  Surprisingly to Grandma, he was really proud of the furniture.  He enthusiastically helped in getting his clothes neatly folded and put in the drawers.  He has cars in the table drawers and now has some cars decorating the dresser top. 

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Sister--Three said...

I love the dresser
No wonder Robert liked it!!

I am so glad there still special teachers who love all their kids!!