Thursday, September 10, 2015

Picture day

at school. Tomorrow is grandparents day so we go eat with the kids.  I always enjoy that and seeing all the old people.

I am taking one more day off so I am only working one day this week.

Yesterday we had Robert's birthday celebration at Church with chilli dogs and cupcakes.  He had a great time and almost all the food was eaten.  I think we had 20 kids last night.

Saturday Daddy is supposed to take the kids to SDC for Robert's birthday, and then Sunday we will have cake and ice cream.

Yesterday it just rained and rained.  George and I went to Harrison for our 6 months checkup.  We got our scripts renewed and that is about it.

This week end is supposed to be the start of fall weather.


Sister--Three said...

Joe Powell's spit has made it to the lab!

Sister--Helen said...

So cute,,,yeah for Joe B's spit!