Tuesday, September 08, 2015

More rain

today.  I got part of the cemetery cut Saturday, but I got stung by bumble bees 3 times.  Stings do not hurt me like they do some people, but they itched so much I took 4 bynadrills (sp) and then slept most of yesterday so did not get back down there.

I went to the courthouse today to look from Maples records for my friend/cousin in California. I was glad to find records that would help  her.  Was home by noon, but then it started raining and  has rained most of the day since.  School called and said no low water bridge crossings tomorrow.  We have none of those between us and the school.

George is at scouts with Robert and then has to get Em from her Volley Ball game.  Greg made it in from TN yesterday evening and left for Siloam today around 5.  He will be home Saturday for Robert's birthday celebration.

I have spent time today  looking for old pics from my backup drive.  I finally found the one I was looking for of Huston and Irene Gaddy at their Ridgeway store. I put it on the history blog with Grandpa's bio.

I also found this pic that Betty was wanting a better version of because you can not see the hat in  her version.  I think this is a little better.


Sister--Three said...

Thanks! I want it for ancestry. I will go look at pic u added.

Stings make me real sick.

we have only had a sprinkle

Sister--Three said...

Did u find the one in the car without the pencil marks?