Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Hired Help

The microwave started shooting sparks last week.  This is a  big deal because it is an above the stove wave + vent hood.  Brother came over and put it up a couple or three years ago, and today he returned to put in the replacement.  This one was easier because George purposely bought the same brand hoping the brackets already in place would fit.  They did.  It took Gilbert less than an hour to get the new one in place.  Hannah is really grateful because we let her cook with the microwave, but not on the cook stove.  She is miss independent.

Now, he has moved on to Mama's house, putting new facing around the front 'picture' window.  George is up there helping him.  

I cooked him a ham, but he did not eat, so I am way ahead of the game today.  I cleaned house yesterday, so today I plan on wasting time reading, unless I decide to go cut grass over the dead people.

This morning I got up around 4 and put the ham in the oven.  Then just before 5, I set out on my Saturday walk.  When I got to Helen's, she was just leaving for Huston.  I walked over to farm 2 at the top of Morris hill.  At sunup, I was coming down Morris hill toward's Lois' house.  I cut across Dry Creek and was home by 7:30.  I am counting that as 6 miles, but I think it is more like 5 and a half.  I am giving myself and extra half mile for rough terrain. 

Kids start school Monday.  Hannah and I went to JCP and bought her a few new outfits yesterday.  Maybe we will have a fashion show later and post pics.  Aunt Helen has painted her nails and I am staying late in the morning to fix her hair.  They want to ride the bus, but she wants her hair braided for the first day.  They are both excited about starting school, even the boy.


Sister--Three said...

Hope Helen will make it there safely.

Glad the kids are excited about school.

Winnie Sneed said...

Where is it that Helen is going?
So good the kids are excited about school...they probably miss all there friends👍