Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Miles to go

540 to get to Fredericksburg by Christmas.  I have logged 710 miles walked this year and it is 1250 miles from here to Fredericksburg by way of Perryville, Kentucky.  I passed Perryville about 3 weeks ago without even knowing I was there.

It has really been to hot to walk, but it is starting to cool off.  I walked 5 miles this evening while George took the kids swimming.

School starts next Monday.  Third Grade, yeah.  Me, George and Hannah are ready for school to start.  Robert is not.  Open house is Thursday night.

Greg is in Tennessee going to welding school for a couple of weeks. I am not sure if it is 2 weeks or 3.  It will be good that the weather should be a little cooler when he gets back.  Welding in 90 degree weather is not fun.

We still have all the goats.  We are planing on selling about half of them in September.  One of the babies broke a leg somehow last month, but it healed up all by itself. You can't even tell which leg was broken now.

My new years resolutions are all forgotten.

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