Friday, December 12, 2014

Costumes for the play

Me and Hannah in our 1930's costumes.  I made the hat.  Can you tell?  I was going to try to find some fake pearls to wear with this dress, but kept forgetting to look.  The neckless is Christmas tree trim strands.  What she needs is some little white gloves, and I need long white gloves up to the elbow.  I doubt I could find those anywhere.  Robert is just going to wear jean and a regular shirt.  Overalls would be appropriate but I could not find any and he does not want to wear overalls anyway.

Helen still does not have a costume.  She will probably wear her night gown.

Update, Betty says I look like Grandma Powell.  We had to pick our own fake names for the play.  My name is Gertie.  Hannah piked Emily.  Guess Helen's name.

Winnie wins the prize even if she does not known the name. Hello Irene...


Sister--Three said...

Hannah looks beautiful and you look just like grandma Powell.

Not kidding looking at the pic on iPad i thought that looks just like grandma Powell !

Sister--Three said...

I guess Helen's name is Queenie!

Winnie Sneed said... do look like Grandma Powell...I guess Helen is named Maude

Sister--Three said...

Or maybe hazel!

Winnie Sneed said...

What was your Grandma Gaddy's first name????