Sunday, December 07, 2014

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Yesterday Hannah wanted to put up the tree, but I was not wanting to.  Finally,  I just told her that she and Robert could put it up.  They did it all themselves and it really looks pretty good.  Of course, this morning, she had moved it all around.  And tonight they had the trains strung out all across the living room playing trains.

My new computer is a 2 in 1 computer that you can fold up into just a tablet.  I wanted a tablet to read books on but still wanted a real computer for my files and pictures.  In reality, for the same money I could have gotten a better computer, and for less money I could have gotten a better tablet.  Still, this suits me.

As for windows 8, you could say about the same thing.  It is not nearly as good a touch screen OS as Apple's and for ordinary computing without the touchscreen, it is not nearly as good as windows 7.  I do like the touch screen for web stuff and a tablet is much better for playing games than a real computer.  I just do not play  games at all, but the kids do.  I have already downloaded them a few games and they really enjoy the larger screen, compared to the ipad mini.

The one problem I have found so far that seems stupid, is that it refuses to download pictures from my camera when the computer is not connected to the internet.  That just seems stupid.  And, when I am trying to figure out things about a computer, I just search the web for an answer.  For some reason, either because windows 8 is so unpopular, so new, or that there are just too many versions of windows now, when I search I get few answers that actually pertain to 8.1.  I guess now I will search and see if I can find out why I have to be connected to the net to get pictures off my sd card.


Sister--Three said...

I can't even get my tablet to load photos to my blog.
I can post typed text but I can't get it to post pics.

I don't think I would like windows 8.

Donna said...

I love Christmas trees decorated by children. I think that's why I always love disorderly-looking trees.