Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tomorrow is the big day

Graduation and decision day.

The graveyard is almost weed free.

Patsy's pink rose by the 1853 stone.  It is supposed to rain tonight.  If it doesn't rain soon, I will need to water it and the others I planted.


Sister--Three said...

why me lord?
what have i ever done,
to deserve even one,
of the pleasure i've known,
tell me lord,
what did i ever do,
that was worth lovin' you,
for the kindness you've shown,
lord help me Jesus,
i've wasted it so help me Jesus,
i know what i am,
but now that i know,
that i needed you so help me Jesus,
my souls in your hand,
try me lord,
if you think there's a way,
i can try to repay,
all i've takin' from you,
maybe lord,
i can show someone else,
what i've been through myself,
on my way back to you,
Jesus, my soul's in your hands

The 4th Sister said...

Fleet I have been checking your site...I am expecting Great pix of the kids...