Monday, May 27, 2013

Day of Rest

Did not do much today.  I went to the cemetery here and cut some more weeds.  I think it will take couple of more weeding trips to get it all done.  It is looking so much better.

I tilled the garden yesterday and hoed up the tomatoes and potatoes.  It looks a lot better.  Now it can rain.

a family of blue birds.

You talkin' to me.

Goats in shade.

Hot Rod and Patsy.

George brush hogged the area around the gate where the goats rest sometimes and he made a path down to the pond.  The grass was up almost to my waist and it was hard to walk in.  I walked down to see about Blackie twice today.  I don't want her to have kids for a week before we notice.   She has a big bag, so surely it won't be much longer. Then Big Red will be next.  It may be the end of June before any of them have kids, but Blackie and Red are so big they have trouble just walking.  We will seee.

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Sister--Three said...

Looks like Hannah wants to hoe. I hoed some this morning. I sort of like it but I recall when I worked i was always too tired to get it all done. Don't know how you do it.