Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday, January 24, 2013, Mama's birthday

She would have been 93.

May 16, 1937, a fateful day for Mama's children.  My Mama was a kind, generous woman.  She was not hateful and mean like her daughter that resides along the red dirt road.

I got my Mrs. O book from the library.  When I get it read, I am taking  it to Patsy.  

Betty wrote that the white Shields man had been identified as the father of Dolphas Shields by DNA tests.  I know that, but, a descendant of Parnell would have had to  have been tested to prove that Parnell was a grandson of Dolphas. I have found the identity of one of Dolphas's descendants that was tested and she is descended from a daughter and had no idea that she even had relatives in Chicago, let along Presidential relatives.

After I read the book, maybe I will have answers, but what I suspect, from what I have read online about the book, I think I will just have more questions.  The line is supposed to go from Dolphas to son Robert to grandson Parnell. 

I wish you all clear skies and sunshine tomorrow.  We are supposed to get ice tonight.


Sister--Three said...

i don't think all of Melvinia's children were by Shields only the first son, Dolphus. The photo of the family you posted...looked very 'white' didn't it. I think I have read that the other kids were part white to but different father.

Cold but warm up quick is the forecast...hopefully.

The 4th Sister said...

fleet she was born in 21 so it is 92... i was thinking it was still 12..what is your excuse

Sister--Three said...

Duh, I was thinking 12 too! Sisters think alike is our excuse.

The 4th Sister said...

We only say hateful and mean in jest..But you and Mama were as opposite in spirit as daddy and mama