Saturday, January 09, 2010

Cold, blowing snow, it has warmed up to 12 degrees this am

It was 9 degrees about 6 am. This is my winter wear. My coat is a $2 thrift shop London Fog coat that I love. Erin said it would show dirt, and it does, but it is completely beautifully washable which makes it a great work coat. It is very light yet warm. This was a very good $2 investment. The hat is one Betty made for me at least 20 years ago. I have worn it many winters. The ones you buy now are tight knit and tight fitting so they are not nearly this warm. The boots are expensive boots Betty gave me. Her daughter bought them for her so I am not supposed to tell about them. They did not fit her. They are tight on my left foot, but I still like them. They will be good for today. We have to go to Harrison to make son's car payment. I want to go anyway to see if I can find some curtains or curtain material. I am ready to put up new curtains in my new room, even if I do not have it finished. Laura Jean told her mother that she needed to get things for her windows that she could throw in the washer because otherwise the window coverings would not get cleaned. In may ways me and my sister are the same. Cleaning is not high on my list of priorities.

Junior was here yesterday and this is what he was up to.

I think this is dangerous, but they thought it was fun.

This is how my girl had to dress to go out in the cold so her father could risk her life. She could hardly move. If she had fallen off the 'sled' she would have bounced with all this padding.

So glad sister is back online. God bless Kelly. Betty, he wants a hat like mine without the knot on top.

God bless Missy of the big heart.

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Sister--Three said...

I will fix Kelly right he the one who wants a hat. I have made them for a lot of folks and they all love them. I may make you some house shoes out of yarn. They are the best.