Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Working on the railroad

Or something like that. Today, George took down the wall between the living room and the computer room. The short wall down the hallway still has to go, and he has to get the studs off the wall and the ceiling, but at least it is started. I can see it is really going to open up the space.

My plan is to put the TV on that wall next to where the computer is now and ring the couch and chairs around the TV with their backs towards the kitchen. After we get the floors and kitchen done, I will get new living room furniture, but until it is all done, we will use this. That way the new furniture will not get dirty while we work on the house.

This is the extra bedroom with the painted walls and the mis matched furniture painted black. The little window seat was a cabinet that was between the living room and kitchen that we took out years ago. I painted it black and made the cushion for the top. I painted all the furniture black. It was differing shades of brown. The bed is the maroon one I already had with Betty's rails. I even painted the lamp shade black.

This is son's family picture that I had lost. George found it somewhere today while he was taking out walls. It was very dirty, so it was under a couch or behind something. I missed it about 6 months ago. I did not know what I had done with it and thought about asking Laura if she had an extra, but hated to admit I had lost the one they already gave me.

This is in my bedroom. I was seeing if my camera would take good photos of pictures and photos. The first digital camera I had did a good job of taking pictures of pictures, but the last one did not do well with this.


The 4th Sister said...

Fleta the bedroom looks great!

Sister--Three said...

I like the bed. I hope there is enough support in the outside walls to take that wall out.

I like the camera too.

The 4th Sister said...

I had to look again...It is going to be gret when it is finished...

Winnie said... all looks really great. I hope we can all our stuff done one of these days...we have been torn up for quite awhile and when I wake up each morning I feel like I have slept in a dust storm. It sure takes a lot of time to remodel.