Friday, December 18, 2009

Today was the end...

Of my Christmas shopping. I had not bought anything except this second hand jewelry box and the second hand golden butterfly pin for Hannah and a big remote control truck for Robert. (and and expensive camera for myself) I took off at noon today and went to Harrison, thinking I would go to Branson tomorrow and finish. The traffic was already terrible at noon in Harrison. After having a few Helen moments in traffic, I decided I was not going anywhere tomorrow. I went to Walmart and got all the kids presents.

I had decided I had made a mistake in not buying Hannah a remote control truck like Roberts. She has lots of dolls and when I thought about it, I knew she would want something that moved like the truck. She would not be happy with a simple doll when brother had a truck that roared. Robert's was only $19 at Thanksgiving and it came with a battery charger. The only comparable ones they had today were $50. I found her a smaller red remote control car made for toddlers (2+ years). It is big enough to compete with Roberts truck and simple enough that I don't think she will break it.

The jewelry box has an angel on top and plays Hark the Harold Angles sing. I added the red and green felt hearts and the butterfly and bug pins. I already had that little doll. It has always made me think of Hannah. It all looks really cute and is inexpensive so no one will have to feel bad if she loses all the accessories.

Tomorrow, I have to move my junk out of the computer room come living room so George can start putting in the plywood for the floor. I will not be going shopping till after Dec. 25.


Sister--Three said...

New floor will be nice.

The 4th Sister said...

The music box is really cute