Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving '09

All the kids were here today and I am very thankful. It was nice enough that they rode the go cart and 4 wheeler a few times. The big girl and the little girl really do well together. They think a lot of each other. Emmy still seems like a little girl to me. It amazes me to see her being a care taker for the little girl.

The boy is doing well. He loves ranch dressing. I had vegetables and ranch dressing dip. I think at home they may insist he eat other things, but when everyone was out riding the wheelers, MeMaw gave him a plate and a spoon and let him eat just dip. Then after he licked the plate, she gave him the whole bowl of dip and he ate most of it. They say they don't let him have ice cream for breakfast either.

We had a very good meal with one of Walmart's 40 cent turkeys, twice backed potatoes, green beans, dressing and home made rolls. I made a lemon pie with calf slobbers, a coconut cream pie, and I bought frozen pumpkin and apple pies. My family are not desert eaters. Only one piece of pie was eaten, but I sent two of them home with the kids.

We have marks on our wall that say Lane and Grandma November 24, 2007. Lane's mark was about 3 1/2 inches below Grandma's. We have a new mark for Lane 2009 that is about 2 1/2 inches above Grandma's mark. We did not make a new mark for Grandma, but I did stand by the marks and Lane said if we made a new mark for me it would be about an inch below the last mark. I think he was being a smart a--. He gets that from Grandpa.

We had good food and a good time and now I have 5 days off to do whatever I want.

Saturday we are driving down to Betty's and stealing a bed. Monday, I am taking the little girl out shopping for her birthday present. She will be 3 years old next Wednesday.

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Sister--Three said...

Will be glad to see you. Turn down the lane before Galla Creek Lane.
Happy Thanksgiving.