Saturday, September 05, 2009

Going to seed

I have been gathering seeds from the flowers in my yard. I thought I would give some to Betty and her girls if they want them, but I also thought I would try to make my own seed packets and give some to the people at work. At Christmas, some of them give everyone a card and some give a small trinket to everyone. Usually I give a piece of junk, but this year I am going to give flower seeds.
I searched the web for patterns. I found several pretty ones that you could write on, but I wanted to type everything, instead of writing on them because sometimes I cannot read my own writing. I found this template for a seed packet in Microsoft word here
You can change all the words and the pictures. I put pictures of my own flowers on them. If anyone wants to try this, you select the picture they have on the template and right click and select change image instead of doing it the way I am used to doing it. Also to change the text, you select the text box and right click and select change text.
I had lots of fun making them, and have seeds to fill many more.
I got the babies yesterday, but took them back today. I am still sick. I feel worse today than I have all week. I think I may be in need of some of Obama's death counseling.
I do not have to go back to work till next Thursday. I have plans on cleaning the spare bedroom, but I am not sure that is going to happen. We will see... It is good to not have to go to work for a few days. I am really tired of that place.


Sunshine said...

I love this idea....thoughtful creative Fleta

Sister--Three said...

Seeds look nice.

Spare bedroom is waiting.

Sister--Three said...

Do you suppose you have the swine flu?

The 4th Sister said...

Fleta I am so surprised at you...I still want a calendar not seeds....