Monday, August 31, 2009

The news

The babies were here this weekend. There mother was in the hospital, I think with the stomach flu, or some painful intestinal disorder. She was supposed to get released yesterday evening so I took the babies back about 6:30.

While they were here, Granny and Hannah went shopping for clothes. We were supposed to buy a new coat for winter, but we bought a few other things. They both have new coats, new jackets, new shoes and some new winter clothes.

Robert wore his new coat outside even though it was 70 degrees. He took it off after about a minute in the heat. Those are his new shoes. I think he will be able to put them on by himself.

I got them each a lunch box because they love to carry things around in containers. Robert does not take his lunch to school, but they both loved the lunch boxes. Robert has a few new words. Milk is a new word that grandma had trouble understanding, but that was more my hearing than his talking.

Hannah in her new jacket, new pants, new shoes. I was going to let her pick her own shoes, but she picked a purple pair of slippers. Grandma talked her into these good sneakers with pink hearts.

We had a good time and ate lots of ice cream.

I still have my cough cold, but it is not as bad now. Robert had the exact same cough so one of us must have caught it from the other.

It was really cool this am and is supposed to get down to about 50 tonight. This is very unusual weather for August. We may have ice in September.


The 4th Sister said...

you can tell they are proud of their new clothes...

Sunshine said...

They look very proud of their new belongings

Sister--Three said...

I love seeing them. I can see a lot of smiles on their faces. Siggie said when we move to the Galla Meadow House she is living with us and will call me Mom and Larry Dad. Then her Dad came to pick her up and she left us much for a new Renfroe child.

patsy said...

your flowers are pretty.